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Average Patient Program Results: 20-35 Pounds In Just 42 Days!

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Get ready to experience what real weight loss feels like, lose the weight fast, and keep it off after!*

Our game-changing weight loss programs are specifically designed for you specifically based on your goals, lifestyle, and timeline!


Why patients are choosing our weight loss program to help them reach their goals:

Discover the Future of Weight Loss: No Sweat, Just Results!

No Exercise Required:

Say goodbye to tiring gym sessions and time consuming exercise routines.

Our programs focus on helping you lose weight and inches, without the sweating!

Scientifically-Backed Approach:

We leverage advanced techniques that directly target the factors contributing to weight gain. This ensures efficient and visible results.

Safe and Comprehensive:

This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. (Also known as a cookie-cutter program) Our programs are personalized and tailed based upon each individual patient's needs, not everyone's the same or has the same goals.

Our modifications not only make sure that you maximize the number of inches and pounds lost, but also helps make sure the program is safe for you as well!

Weight Loss Designed To Finally Keep The Weight Off For Good

Keep The Weight Off with Good Habits:

Join us on a weight loss adventure that doesn't stop once you reach your goal!

With our programs, it’s not just about losing weight, it's about allowing your body to reset itself and allow you to develop new habits that allow you to keep the weight you lose off!*

Personalized Programs for Your Success:

Our awesome programs change for each and every patient! As your body and life change, every part of our weight loss program is designed to help you avoid hitting plateaus or getting stuck at a certain weight throughout your weight loss journey and keeping the weight off after!

How and Why Knowledge is Power:

Learning is a big part of our programs! Throughout our program, we give each of our patients information and even more importantly, tools, to help you know how and why one thing is better for you than another and rather than relying on a cheat-sheet or having to count points, our program allows you to easily know what you should and shouldn't be eating! (During and after our program is finished!)

Ongoing Support During Our Programs:

With us, you're not alone! Our team's motto is the more questions you ask, the better... Our program's designed to not only help you lose weight, but once again, to help you build your knowledge at the same time! With support, we find that patients that have a support system (whether it be at home or even if it's just our team in-office), they not only are more likely to reach their weight loss goals, but they're also more likely to keep the weight off after!*

Discover the Transformation: Jaw-Dropping Before and After Photos from our Patients!

Patients Share Their Success Stories From Across The Country:

"In just 42 days, I lost just shy of 40 pounds, and Lee lost 25 pounds. We’re now at weights we haven’t seen since high school. The weight comes off fast, but it stays off. It’s not just a diet—it’s our new normal. And the best part? It’s so much easier to maintain, and we feel lighter on our feet with many of our aches and pains gone."

"Curtis has set a record with our program, losing 48 pounds in just 38 days! His energy is higher, and he's committed to staying active and hydrated. Now weighing in at 248, he's at a weight he hasn’t seen since his senior year of high school six years ago. People who haven't seen him in a while are astonished — he's practically unrecognizable with the incredible weight loss."

"In seven weeks, Leanne lost 22 pounds and 42 inches with the ChiroThin program. For the first time in twenty years, she bought a dress and was excited to wear it, feeling amazing and confident. The program was easy for her after the initial three days, with no cravings and improved sleep. More importantly, she embarked on this journey primarily for her daughter, who also experienced significant weight loss and looks fabulous, making Leanne extremely proud."

"Charlie shed 72 pounds since February with our 64-day ChiroThin program and continued efforts. After knee surgery, she embraced the program's accountability and support, adopting healthier eating and an active lifestyle with walking and square dancing. Now medication-free, with higher energy and better sleep, Charlie recommends the program for its invaluable support and life-changing education."

"In 14 days, Maddie lost 12.4 pounds with the ChiroThin program. She's adjusted to smaller breakfasts, quit soda, and realizes smaller food portions are satisfying. Her clothes fit loosely, and she's excited about the ease of the program and her developing healthy habits."

"Tammy lost 50 pounds since March using our ChiroThin program, shedding 30 pounds in the second round alone. Feeling lighter and more confident, she’s ready for summer with clothes fitting better and a newfound ease in exercising. Tammy recommends the straightforward and effective program to others seeking a transformative weight loss journey."

FREE Weight Loss Consultation FAQs:

How much weight can I expect to lose through the program?

On average, patients participating in our program lose between 20-35 pounds within a 42-day timeframe.

However, it's crucial to understand that individual results may significantly vary due to factors like personal commitment to the program, metabolic rate differences, lifestyle choices, and the unique physiology of each participant.

We do frequently work with patients that aren't wanting to lose that much weight as well and have smaller programs available for patients that are looking to lose as little as just 5 pounds!

The mentioned average is based on aggregate data from past participants who have followed our program guidelines and recommendations.

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What does the free in-person weight loss consultation include?

Our FREE in-person consultation provides an opportunity not only for potential new weight loss patients to meet our team and visit the office, but also to speak about what they've tried in the past, what's worked, and what hasn't!

During your FREE consultation you'll be able to discuss your specific weight loss goals, your current lifestyle and work activity / habits, how quickly you're looking to lose the weight, and anything else that you think might be important such as any other existing health conditions that may prevent or make weight loss more difficult for you!

Our team will introduce you to the various personalized weight loss programs that we have available, explaining each program and how they're modified to be the best fit for you possible based upon the information that you share with us.

This FREE consultation is designed to offer you insight into our approach and help you make the most informed decision about kickstarting your weight loss journey with us!

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What is the usual cost of the consultation, and why is it offered for free now?

The typical cost for our in-depth weight loss consultation service is $379.

But, we think it’s super important that everyone can afford and easily get the help they need to lose weight! That's why we are giving you a chance to have a weight loss consultation for free! We really want to help folks who have tried hard to lose weight but still struggle.

Lots of people haven’t had the chance to sit down and talk about a plan that’s just for them, based on what diets they’ve tried before. Usually, they only find diets that are “one-size-fits-all”.

With our special, limited-time free offer, we hope more people in our town can try our personalized weight loss programs. This way, more of our neighbors can start living healthier, happier lives!

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What does a full weight loss program usually cost?

This by far is the most important and most frequently asked question when patients come into the office for their consultation.

At our office, we don't use "cookie cutter" based programs and personalize each program to revolve around the patient themselves, not a pre-canned package that's good for someone else!

Our programs on average can range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars all the way up to several thousand dollars depending on weight loss goals, and have some financing options available to patients to help you lose the weight now and pay for it later!

Obviously someone looking to lose 10 pounds is going to have a significantly cheaper program than someone who wants to lose 150-200+ pounds, and that's the main point behind the consultation that we're now offering for free!

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What methods are utilized in your weight loss programs?

Our weight loss programs use smart, science-backed strategies and special supplements to tackle the main reasons people gain weight. This approach helps reduce feelings of hunger and cravings while speeding up metabolism, leading to effective and lasting weight loss!

Each program in our office is designed with you in mind, considering your specific goals, lifestyle, and favorite foods. We aim not just to help you lose weight quickly but also to teach you healthy habits. This way, you can keep the weight off for the long term.

Through our programs, you'll get to understand their body better too! You’ll learn to make wise food and lifestyle choices that are key to staying healthy for life.

With our guidance, you can enjoy a life of health and well-being while maintaining a weight that’s right for you.

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Do I have to exercise with this program?

Exercise isn’t a must-do in our program!

We understand that not everyone can or wants to do hard workouts.

So, we’ve crafted our weight loss plans to help you shed pounds without mandatory gym sessions or heavy exercise being required.

Our weight loss program approach involves guiding you to make smart food choices, adopting a lifestyle that supports weight loss, and some other simple yet effective methods to help you reach your weight goals — all tailored to what you can and want to do!

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Is there help available during the program?

Yes, tons of it!

From the moment you start, our team actually will meet with you once per week to help answer any questions, review your food journal, and help you track your progress along the way!

If for some reason something isn't right, our meetings serve as a time to address any underlying issues that may be preventing or slowing your weight loss, however this is pretty uncommon but it's important to note!

Additionally, some of our programs have additional maintenance programs for those that have struggled with losing weight and then gaining it back (or as we call it, yo-yo dieting).

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What makes your weight loss programs different from others?

Our programs are uniquely designed for each individual, taking into account their specific goals, lifestyle, and dietary preferences.

We focus on providing a holistic approach, incorporating science-backed strategies and supplements that not only promote weight loss but also foster the development of healthy, sustainable habits for life.

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What type of results have past participants experienced?

Past participants have experienced significant transformations, with average weight losses ranging from 20-35 pounds within 42 days.

These individuals have not only shed pounds but have also reported feeling more energetic, confident, and committed to maintaining their new healthy lifestyles.

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Is the program suitable for individuals with specific dietary requirements or restrictions?


During your FREE consultation, you'll discuss any dietary restrictions or preferences you have, and we'll tailor the program to meet your individual needs.

Our goal is to create a plan that is not only effective but also enjoyable and sustainable for you.

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How does the program ensure that weight lost isn’t regained?

Our program isn't just about losing weight; it's about resetting your body and cultivating new habits.

We offer ongoing support and education to help you understand your body better and make informed food and lifestyle choices.

This educational approach empowers you to maintain your weight loss long-term.

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Can I join the program if I only want to lose a small amount of weight?


While the average weight loss is between 20-35 pounds, we also work with individuals looking to lose as little as 5 pounds.

Our programs are versatile and can be adjusted to meet your specific weight loss goals, regardless of how big or small they may be.

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What You Can Expect To Be Covered During Your FREE Consultation:

  • ($150) FREE Weight Loss Program Consultation: We'll Dive Deep Into Your Goals, Challenges, And Map Out A Unique Strategy Specifically For You!

  • ​($80) FREE Metabolic Rate Analysis: Understand The Speed Of Your Metabolism and How It Influences Your Weight Loss Speed and Results!

  • ​($70) FREE Body Fat Percentage Assessment: Finally Get a Clear Picture Of Your Weight Loss Starting Point and Baseline Body Fat Percentage!

  • ​($60)​ FREE Customized Nutritional Recommendation: Receive Real Nutritional Recommendations To Fine-Tune Your Diet For Maximum Results


FREE Initial Consultation With No Commitment Required.

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